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Friday, November 15, 2013 12:13 pm
Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown
Posted by: Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan

Mr Tiger Goes WildCindy: Take a walk on the wild side….read Mr. Tiger Goes Wild (Little, Brown 2013). Do you ache for a little excitement in your life? Are you tired of being proper? Mr. Tiger was.

He wanted to loosen up.
He wanted to have fun.
He wanted to be…wild.

Sounds good some days, right? And then he got a wild idea. Mr. Tiger in his top hat, bow tie, and “tails” drops to all fours and walks like a wild animal instead of upright on two legs like the rest of his animal friends. And then, as often happens, he gets wilder each day and the other animals don’t know what to think of him:

Peculiar. Wow. UNACCEPTABLE! Hmm.

And then Mr. Tiger went too far…a jump into a big water fountain, the shedding of clothes and a page turn reveals a centerfold spread of a…gasp…naked Mr. Tiger. His friends exile him and he is faced with some choices to make. Moderation can be a good thing.

When you get your hands on this delightful book be sure to remove the book’s clothes (the paper jacket) to peek underneath. Shocking! Little, Brown is such a WILD publisher!

Lynn:  We can always count on Peter Brown to give us something a little off-the-beaten track, something a little, well, WILD.  I loved this story of the tiger who just got bored with being so proper all the time.  Doesn’t everyone secretly yearn to roar a little now and then?  Kids certainly do and they will appreciate Mr. Tiger’s antics.  Their parents and teachers will also appreciate the message that sometimes being wild can be pretty lonely when you drive off all your friends.  Taking celebrants home AFTER the birthday party or the day after Halloween anyone?  Mr. Tiger learns that a little wild is good for everyone but the most important thing is learning to be yourself.

The wild illustrations for this book are done with India ink, watercolor, gouache, pencil on paper then digitally composed and colored.  I love the look this creates and there are lots of lovely browns and greens which make a great contrast for Mr. Tiger’s wild orange fur.  This is all set on lots of white space that draws the eye along the pages.  So take time to be a little wild with Mr. Tiger.  Take it from us, it’s totally acceptable!

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