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Tuesday, December 24, 2013 7:56 am
Librarian on a Shelf
Posted by: Cindy Dobrez and Lynn Rutan

Elf on a ShelfCindy and Lynn: Here’s the right way to do “Elf on a Shelf”: Dress up as an elf and pose in your library! We can see many of you trying this next year. The Elf pictured here is junior high school librarian extraordinaire, Carolyn Gundrum. She is the library media specialist at Hamilton Southeastern Junior High School in Fishers, Indiana. I saw this elf photo on her Facebook page with this caption:

This is why I love going to school every day!

She gave me permission to share it with our Bookends readers. The Elf was on the shelf as her students came to the library last week for booktalks. After they appreciated her pose, she jumped down, danced to some holiday music, and then presented her booktalks. We wish we could have been there. Carolyn used to work at West Ottawa Public Schools with us as one of our elementary librarians and we miss her enthusiasm, her knowledge, and her sense of fun! You can follow her on Twitter @LMSpecialist  or her website with grade level links It’s worth clicking there just to see the photo of her newly renovated library. We want to read on those leather couches!

We wish you all a happy holiday if this is your time of celebration. When our baking and revelry is done we’ll be thinking about our Top Ten lists, coming in January before the ALA Awards Announcements. But first, there are pie crusts to roll…and a few more 2013 books to read…

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